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5 Steps of Buying a Domain Name for Your Business

In the 21st century, owning a land is a good idea. However, if you own a domain name, it is an excellent idea.  Asking why? Owning a property gives you a space in the globe meaning you possess some part of the limited resource. In the same way, having a domain name offers you a space in the virtual world – the internet.

In simple terms, just like how people locate your living place or business premises physically, your website operates in the same. A domain name is your online address through which people can reach you or locate you in the virtual world.

With this in mind, you can see how important it is to own a domain name. But, you are still in the darkness on how to buy one. This article offers you the steps on how to buy and own a domain name. Here they are:

    Log on to the domain registration sites

The first step in the purchase of a domain name begins with finding a site that offers domain registration services. Several sites offer these services at different prices. The popular sites you will find in this category include but not limited to Google Domain, Shopify, Squarespace, GoDaddy, Bluehost, and SiteGround among others.

    Choose your domain name

After selecting the site to register your domain with, the next step is to pick a domain name. A domain name is the web address that people will be reaching you through the internet. Here, you come up with a name that tallies well with the purpose of your site. For instance, if you are offering writing services, you can come up with names like ‘bestwriter,’ ‘prowriting,’ ‘writeyourworld,’ ‘professionalwriters’ and so on. Importantly, make sure your domain name is easy and memorable. You can use tools such as a domain name generator to get inspired and find the best domain for your website! We recommend Shopify, as it has a great platform.


Domain Extension

    Choosing a domain extension

As you can note above, the domain name is not complete without the extension part. A domain extension is a part after the dot on the right side. Some of the common extensions are .com, .org, .gov, .net, .xyz, .co.us, .uk, and .ca among others. After selecting your domain name, the registrar will display the available domain extensions options. Each of the options has a different pricing.

For instance, you may find that bestwriter.com is expensive compared to bestwriter.net. Also, there is a possibility that bestwriter.com is already taken. Hence, the registrar will provide you with other available options.

    Select the domain name you want to buy

After choosing your domain name as stated above, the registrar offers you different options of the available domain names with various extensions and prices. At this point, you need to make a decision on the domain name that you feel is the best for your business and within your budget. Notably, just like how you pay rent for your business premises, your domain name comes with renewal charges.

 As such, you can select the number of years you would like to pay and use the available payment processing options to purchase your domain name. Also, you can add other services such as web hosting, security, web designing among others and pay for the entire package.

    Make the payment

After going through the above steps, the last one is making the payment for your domain name. Most domain registrars accept popular payment processing options such as debit cards, PayPal, and direct bank transfers among others. As such, you can use any of these options to pay for your domain name.


Finally, you are now the owner of that domain name and any person across the globe can reach you through it.