Check Where a Domain is Registered

Domain names are assigned and issued to the public by the International Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. The authorized owner of the domain name can request to make changes to the domain which is why it is important to file information related to the rightful owner of the domain for administrative, technical and billing purposes.

Reasons to Lookup a Domain Name Owner

There are many reasons why people look for the domain name owner. If you own a domain hosting, then checking the registrant can verify the details and let you know there are not only missed renewal notices or partnership offers etc. sent to you.

If you are interested in buying a certain domain name, then through the search you can find the contact details of the owner and make your offer to him/her.

For those who own domain hosting and want to keep their personal information private then the lookup can let you know which information is visible to the public and change the settings accordingly.

How is the Domain Name Ownership Checked?

Registration for a domain is a transparent process which allows anyone to access the information. All they have to do is search the domain and then click on certain links to track the owner. It also provides details on expiration dates and registration dates on every domain.

WHOIS Domain Lookup

WHOIS is one tool through which anyone can check a domain and extract important information. The database contains details on the registrant and also contacts for the administrative, technical and billing matters. The domain expiration and registration dates can also be found out using WHOIS.

There are a few steps to successfully checking the domain name owner:

  1. Visit the WHOIS website or any other web solution website
  2. Type the complete and exact domain name on which you seek owner information

There is a small process to verify that you are not a robot after which you will be displayed all the details on the registrant.

Confirm the Details

The details on a domain name given by the website can be verified by you. If the information is incorrect or incomplete, you can request with the registrar to make the necessary changes. Sometimes the information may not be available due to the owner’s privacy settings. In that case you can visit the actual domain and extract the information you require from there.

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