How to Find Out When Your Hosting Website’s Domain Was First Registered

Issuance of domain names to the general public is the responsibility of the registrar. However, the registrar must get authorization from the International Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) to issue domain names. A registrant is an owner or organization registering the domain name. The domain name registrant has the authority to make changes to information in the domain name. This is why it’s vital to know the registrant of the domain name and the individual or organization having technical, billing and administrative rights of the domain name.

Importance of knowing a domain name registrant for your hosting website

  • The search can let you know whether the registrant’s details of your domain name are correctly and accurately entered. If they are not entered correctly, you might miss partnership requests, purchase offers, and most importantly, renewal notices and prompts.

  • If you’re looking to buy an already registered domain name, you might want to verify the authenticity of the domain name by searching out the domain name registrant’s contact information like telephone number, email address and mailing address.
  • If the security of your information is a priority for you, a search can inform you if the privacy controls you’ve initiated are working.
  • The process of finding out your hosting website’s domain name details, including when it was first registered.

The registration process of the domain name has been set openly and transparently. Each individual has the liberty to look up information about the domain name and its ownership by following or clicking on specific links. This information also helps individuals to keep tabs on domain names regarding the start date and expiry date to alleviate the case of expired domains.

A tool to find details about a hosting website’s domain name, including when it was first registered

The WHOIS Lookup is the most reliable tool to find information about any domain name. Besides giving you the original registration date of the domain, WHOIS gives you other details such as domain expiration date, billing contact, technical contact, and administrative contact.

To find out domain name registrant information:

  • Simply head to You can also go to other web solution provider’s websites such as Tucows Domains or GoDaddy.
  • Type out the domain name you are seeking information for and click search. You’ll have the full registration details of the domain name in seconds.

You can verify the information presented to you by going to Enter the domain name and search. If you find conflicting information, you’re allowed to contact the registrar to initiate changes. In some instances, you may not find enough information when performing a search. This may be because some registrants are not interested in sharing all their information on different platforms. Head to the registrar’s website to get more information.

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