The Best Domain Name Generators for 2017

Generating a domain name by buying a cheap domain requires a good knowledge of how the internet works and what exactly hosting a website requires. If you’re in search of cheap domains, there are a few pages that can give you some hosting tips on where to channel your creativity regarding domain names.


If you’re short on ideas but want to know a domain search availability, Domainhole can help you generate a domain name according to the specific information you will previously provide. It will ask you for the length and the top-level domain that want, and with that information generate a domain name for you. Simple as that.


One of the simplest domain name generators, it gives you a domain name as you type in the keywords that are related to your hosting website. The domain names with green are the available ones or expired domains and the blue ones are taken with the option to give an offer to the current owner of the domain.


On the surface, Domainsbot works like any other domain name generators, only that after generating the available domain names, it has a tool to refine your results by adding synonyms or prefixes. The goal is to build keyword upon keyword until you have the exact domain name for your website.


Namemesh uses colors heavily to make the search results clearer and easier to read for you. The search results are organized into categories by color, such as common, similar, SEO, short, and fun, all in order to get the most suitable domain for your website.


The unique feature of Namestation is that it’s two domain name generators joined in one to give you better results, which include one domain name generator using the desired keywords and phrases of your choice and the other domain giving you hosting tips from real people who have creative ideas for domain names.


Shopify is one of the biggest names in the industry at the moment. Besides its known features, it also allows you to search for available cheap domains related to a business and register a website under that domain.

It’s a simple way to get a cheap domain with a good domain search availability

The domain name you will generate is everything for you and your business. Generation name domain is vital for your website since it’s what people will know you for and what will make you stand out, which is why many have paid great amounts of money for it. But, having an expired domain or a cheap domain doesn’t mean having a worse domain. On the contrary, you can use these to build your hosting website upon and make it better than it used to be.

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